Copy of About Loki-360 Tactical....

I started this company with my last $80, no kidding, $80. I bought a few items, sold them, bought more items with that money, and so on. Now, I have a small warehouse, a very small office, and gigantic dreams... I want to deliver the greatest shopping experience possible.

Most companies of today forgot just how important their customers are, you are lucky to get a warm welcome, and don't hold your breath for a nice goodbye. I was in the hospitality industry for 27 years, and saw it getting worse and worse as time went on. Most companies today cram their political ideology down your throat, instead of trying to deliver a great customer service and guest relations experience. I want to change all that. See, they forgot how much you mean to them, but I didn't.

As a small business owner, when you purchase from me, you put food on my table, keep the lights on in my home. To me, that makes you family, and family treats each other with respect. You are so much more than a customer, you give me a purpose.

I was just a guy that was living his best life, until one day I was hit from behind by a guy not paying attention and looking down at his phone instead of the road. He was in a overweighted Super Duty oil field truck. He hit me at 65 mph, no brakes. Pushed me into an oncoming F-150 pickup truck head on, then into a brick wall. Needless to say, my car was totaled, and so was I.

My life changed forever, unfortunately. I was left disabled after countless major surgeries and procedures. Hell, it took me months to be able to learn to walk again unassisted with the help of physical therapy. So, I obviously can not find work anywhere. Not many people are looking for a 49 year old disabled guy that has limited mobility. I guess I am a walking HR nightmare. That forced me to start my own company, because if nobody would give me a job, I would create my own....

So, it's just me and my service dog Loki, thus the name Loki-360, which is "Everything Loki." He is my world, my heart, and my soul. I know that I wouldn't be here today if it was not for him and the love he gives me every single day. I never believed in Angels until him, he is my Guardian Angel, and he has saved me more times than I can count.

It is truly amazing how much the unconditional love from a pet can make such a huge impact on your life. I never understood it before, but now I am a believer...

We also have a store on eBay if you would rather do business through there. The link to the store is:

If you made it this far, I am impressed. Just know that I appreciate you, and I am thankful that you checked out my website. If I can be of service to you, please just reach out.

Thank you very much,